Leah 86057

de tinkta, hace 5 años

Model - Leah Year Taken - April 2014 Camera - Sony A7R Lens - Carl Zeiss 85mm f/1.4 Location - Just an Empty Room Leah So, this is Leah. She is a 23 year old model from the midlands who mainly works in alternative glamour, but who is equally adept at creating natural looking, intimate boudoir images like the ones I tried to capture today. I say try, Im not 100% sure I like these images; though they are growing on me...slowly. Anyway, back to Leah, What a lovely girl she is. Bubbly, talkative, friendly. From the moment I picked her up (did I mention she was late :)), I felt as if Id known her for years, We'd been texting the few days before and got to know each other a little, but on the hour or so drive to the remote farm where we did the shoot, we talked a lot. She is a very open, honest girl and the time flew by. She has this very contrasting look of an alternative girl next door. Im sure that, whether these images are any good or not, they do hold a certain believability. So much of photography is inherently false, yet these images of Leah seem to convey a truth to them. They seem real, if you know what I mean. And thats the thing about Leah, she is believable. There is little about her that doesn't lead you to believe that she is exactly who she appears to be. The tattoos, the cute, insecure expression, the pale skin; these all go together to present a young girl who is hard to hang a name on. She is very much unique.